our your design, your dessert


Customized Cakes

Cake is the main centerpiece at any event and we want to make sure yours is not only perfectly designed to meet your expectations, but will taste so good that it will leave you wanting more! At Butter Cake Shoppe we will work closely with you to ensure your cake is everything you want it to be!


Personalized Treats

Butter Cake Shoppe also offers customized treats designed to fit your theme, no matter the occasion. Choose from moist, buttery cupcakes topped with just the right amount of smooth, creamy buttercream with a custom topper, or delicious, light and airy french macarons that are crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, with a melt-in-your- mouth texture or freshly baked, homemade cookies with a chewy center and a crispy edge designed just for you!



We understand that you may not always be available to swing by and pick up your baked goods, so we make it easy and hassle free by simply delivering to your home or venue! First 5 miles are free! Further delivery fees apply based on your zip code.